Thembi Anaiya is a social justice-driven agency that centers intersectional diversity (gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.) in all we do. Unless otherwise noted, most services can cover groups as small as 8, to as large as 100. NOTE: if you don't see what you're looking for here, shoot us a email, and we'll see how else we can help! 

Youth Audiences Workshops

Basic (60 minutes): ThembiAnaiya can provide a basic one-hour youth/teen workshop on a specific topic or issue common to most young adults, at a $197 flat rate. Topics include: Anatomy, The Menstrual Cycle, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Pregnancy & Contraceptives, Condom Basics, Understanding Consent, Understanding Sexual Health, Sexual Values, Sexual & Gender Diversity, Sexuality in Society, and Healthy Relationships.

Advanced (75-90 minute): For a more unique experience, ThembiAnaiya can create a specialty workshop (e.g. slumber party, college tour, youth conference, prom/graduation preparation) based on the specific circumstances of your young people. Topics may vary, but are more comprehensive in nature, and include tangible take-aways that participants can continue to learn from. Prices begin at $325 for prep & presentation.

Peer Education Training & Development (High School Ages Only): For groups who have more time with their young people, ThembiAnaiya can organize, train, and help promote your peer sex educator group! Peer sex education is a known effective strategy in reducing unwanted pregnancy and STI transmissions among young people; moreover, peer education is a great way for young people to gain invaluable professional development skills while earning service learning credits for college and other post-high school endeavors. Prices begin at $3,000+ cost of supplies for a 10-week process, for up to 15 students.

Youth Serving Agencies Workshops 

Full-size Subject Workshops (75-120 minutes): Looking for in-depth coverage of a particular sexuality topic area? ThembiAnaiya can provide a comprehensive workshop for your front-line staff on a topic of your choosing. Workshops can be general or specialty crafted for your organization. Prices begin at $425 for prep time and presentation.

"Spot Treatment:" Have a particular topic you could use 101 or refresher coverage with? Choose a 60-minute workshop at a $197 flat rate. Topics include: STIs, Contraceptive Basics, Being an Askable Adult, Teens & Healthy Relationships, Sexual & Gender Diversity.

Curriculum Development: For an initiative that lasts long after the moment has passed, ThembiAnaiya can work with you to create and train your staff on a holistic sexuality education curriculum that fits the specific needs of the young people you work with. Dimensions and prices will vary based on organization capacity, needs and budget.

Parents & Caregivers Workshops

60-75 minutes/ $197 each

Having "The Talk:" Why it Matters, and How to Begin: 2nd only to the media, parents have been consistently cited by young people as their go-to source for sexuality information and guidance. What are we saying (or not saying) that makes a difference? This workshop provides logic and tools for beginning these important conversations, including addressing uncomfortable questions, and resources for being more proactive and prepared. 

Puberty 101, or "Why Choking your Kids is NOT the Answer:" While puberty is a major milestone in a young person's life, parents often get the wrong idea about how exactly affects those they have relationships with, particularly as as it relates to sexual behavior. This workshop provides basic facts about puberty, and gives parents strategies for how to help their young people successfully manage this time. 



Special Events 

Hosting: Ms. Tracie is available to serve as MC for your conference, banquet, or other special event. Her engaging personality is a hit with any audience, and her enthusiasm can't help but shine through!

Guest Speaking: Looking for more than hosting? Bring Ms. Tracie in to speak for your special event! She is able to discuss a wide variety of topics, including sexuality and social justice, owning your power through sexual health, living with integrity and authenticity, and honoring sexual diversity.  Each presentation is delivered with inspiration and humor, and every participant will leave with inspiration to show up better for themselves and the communities they claim membership to. 

TV/Radio/Podcasting: Ms. Tracie is a frank, knowledgeable conversationalist for broadcasters looking to discuss sexuality, sexual diversity, the work of sex education, and/or sexuality and young people on air. No topic is too taboo, and no non-personal question is off limits!